5 Most Dangerously Bizarre Holes On Earth

5 Most Dangerously Bizarre Holes On Earth


1. Udachnaya Pipe

Udachnaya Pipe
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Udachnaya pip is a open pit diamond mine which is 600 meters deep. Situated in Russia, it is believed to be third largest open mine in the world. The mine has diamonds worth more than 200 million carats. The mine is under the control of Russian diamond company. ALROSA conducted the blast operations last year and mined about 1.5 million tons of ore.

2. Guatemala Sinkhole

Guatemala Sinkhole
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The sinkhole in between the town of Guatemalan which is caused due to heavy rains and corroded sewage system is larger than you can ever think of. The 100 foot deep, 66 foot wide hole has swallowed many homes and people of the town and but obviously it’s not possible to come out of a hole that equals a 30 storey building. It was thought that the sink hole was caused by nature but in reality it was caused by human activities. There is not yet any strong point to prove the actual reason yet but just an assumption says it all.